Lisa Chandonais, Au.D.


Dr. Lisa Chandonais, CCC-A is a licensed Audiologist who works diligently to provide the best personalized care to each individual patient.  Dr. Chandonais moved to the Pittsburgh area in 2013 after graduating with her Doctorate in Audiology from Central Michigan University.  Since graduation, she has honed her skills in a variety of clinical settings ranging from Audiology and Otolaryngology private practices to hospital-based care.  In fact, Dr. Chandonais comes to Audiological & Speech Associates from a large, reputable hospital system in the western Pennsylvania area.  Through her educational and professional experience, she has developed her expertise in comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitative hearing services.

Dr. Lisa Chandonais is a native to southeast Michigan.  Growing up with a sibling who is deaf played an integral role in her decision to become an Audiologist.  Living with a family member diagnosed with such a profound loss of hearing has shaped her professional perspective on how she prefers to treat each patient. When caring for patients who are diagnosed with hearing and/ or balance disorders, Dr. Chandonais understands the importance of incorporating “evidence-based best practices” as the standard of care for each person.  Her philosophy is to learn about her patients by fully listening to their hearing healthcare needs, then inform them of what they need to know so that they can understand the implications of their hearing disorder and their treatment options.
“Joining Audiological & Speech Associates has been such a refreshing experience. With this group of professionals, I can work in a cohesive environment that allows me to offer a high level of care within the intimate setting of a private practice.”