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What We Do

We are the only practice in Indiana County that provides both speech and hearing care.  Listening and speaking go hand-in-hand, and we use both to interact with our loved ones and friends.  So why not consult the practice that knows how to do both?

Adults need speech therapy for many reasons.  At Audiological and Speech Associates, we help people of all ages recover from speech, hearing, voice, and swallowing problems. 

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Who Needs Help

Those suffering from stroke, Parkinson's Disease, cancer, ALS, traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions.  These medical diagnoses can impact speech, language, voice and swallowing ability.  In addition, cognitive decline to Alzheimer's and dementia reduced the ability to communicate with loved ones and caregivers.

Speech Language Pathologists are also the specialists best prepared to help with swallowing problems.  50% of the speech therapy services we provide is given to folks looking for ways to help with swallowing.

How We Do It

We can work together, providing strategies for problem solving, memory, word retrieval, voice quality, and thought organization to enhance and maintain your communication ability and safety. 

When appropriate, Vital StimTM therapy is used as an adjunct to traditional therapy to facilitate swallowing through Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation.  Our practice was among the first in Indiana, PA to begin using Vital Stimulation, and we have helped many people return to a regular or less restrictive diet. 

We are always happy to talk with you.  Call us to speak with a Speech-Language Pathologist today.  You can also learn more about our services by reading our brochures.

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